We make sure they fit perfectly

The cabinet case is the framework of the entire cabinet structure, just like the frame of a car that is designed and built for support and structure.

The cabinet casework is constructed with ¾” thick, premium plywood core material rather than composite particle board. The ¾” plywood extends to the back of the casework ensuring that every part of your case is rock solid and can support a lot of weight.

Without a good case (framework), the attractiveness of your custom millwork design becomes irrelevant. The plywood case doesn’t just hold up the countertops – it also supports the faces and the cabinet’s inner workings, such as drawers, row cut shelves and specialty hardware.

If in time you wish to change your aesthetic, we can do so easily just by removing the faces and replacing them with new ones, transforming your space with an entirely new look; best of all, the original cases will be just as strong as they were when they were first built.

close up of a cabinet case
Close up of a cabinet hinge


soft close, full extension, practical & diverse options

When most people think of hardware they think of the pulls and knobs on the fronts of cabinetry – when we think of hardware we think of drawer slides and hinges.

We use Blum’s soft close, full extension hardware on all of our drawers and cabinet doors. Blum’s hardware is made in Austria and its practical and diverse product range gives us reliable options for different types of spaces. We also use a wide range of specialty hardware, specifically curated to ensure reliability for different spaces.

We are proud to use Blum hardware for all of our millwork.

  • Blum hardware has a limited warranty that is guaranteed as long as you, the original purchaser, own the products
  • Engineered and manufactured in Austria
  • Large variety of options in hardware for opening/closing cabinet doors and drawers etc. that can be personalized to maximize the function of your space

Blum Catalogue (PDF)


finally, the fun part

Our design team will work with you to determine what aesthetic works best, reflecting your vision and lifestyle.

You can start by asking yourself questions like:

  • Do I like a flat/slab front, a classic shaker recessed panel or a more traditional raised-centre panel door?
  • Do I want a painted finish or a stained wood material?
  • Do I want a wood grain?

Quick Tip: We recommend that before you pick the materials for your cabinetry faces you choose your flooring as the colour and tone of your floor will significantly impact your cabinetry choices.

At Van Arbour, we use Axalta Ultraguard specialty cabinet finished that are cured and hardened in our SunSpot drying room for a more wear resistant finish than any over-the-counter cabinetry finish can offer. We can match any colour you pick from various retail paint brands (Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, General Paint etc.). We will provide you with a 16″ x 12″ sample of each of your finish choices so that you can look at them in your space and lighting and decide whether you need to sample another colour or not.

The pre-finished product market is continually changing with regular additions of new product options. These include Laminates, Ultra-Matte and High-Gloss choices. There are countless brands, and our design team will advise and assist you through the selection process if you choose to explore the pre-finished route.

If you want an even wood grain or wood tone, an engineered wood veneer is your best choice as it has endless options and consistent results. You should choose an engineered wood veneer if you have precise specifications such as no knots or no major colour variations, etc. There are an almost unlimited variety of looks available as veneers and are happy to show you plenty of samples to help you narrow down your choice.

Please be aware that we have to order in all veneer and pre-finished options as we cannot stock them all, so there will be a minimum two week, maximum six week material lead time that we factor into your production timeline at sign off.

Close up of cabinet drawers