The Van Arbour Design Process

We believe that a good process drives good results. It’s as true for the workshop as it is for our clients. From the very beginning, we provide you with an overview of our process which, paired with our open, honest, and respectful approach, keeps everything simple and straightforward. You know up front how we’ll work together, what you can expect from us, and what we will expect from you.

Yearning to get started?


Your budget provides clear, immediate direction for us: once you let us know what it is, we can create parameters for your project. (If you’d like, we can help you establish a budget range.) We’ll look at the initial floor plans, design ideas and finishes, and then we’ll create an estimate for you. Often, the quotes associated with estimates need to be revised as the design process moves forward–but rest assured that there are no surprises here; you are involved at every step.

Design Process

We take the information you’ve provided–your ideas, non-negotiables, and nice-to-haves–and we translate all of it into 3D drawings and finish samples. This is when we get down to brass tacks, figuratively speaking. We’ll need a lot of details and specifications about your electrical needs, plumbing fixtures, appliances, flooring choices–all the things that make a house a home. This ensures that our drawings, designs, and planning are accurate reflections of your vision.


Things are about to get extremely exciting. Once we’re all satisfied with the design development, you sign off on the drawings, specifications, finishes, and budget. At this point it’s full speed ahead: We’re about to start building.

Building Begins

Custom millwork has its own process. We don’t pull your cabinets from a shelf somewhere — we don’t keep a stockpile of materials. We source exactly what you want and need, and only what you want and need. Once all of your materials are in our shop, we get to work cutting, spraying, and assembling–creating something that will exist specifically for you.


We have our own team of installers to ensure that our standards are carried out all the way through the process.


It’s simple: There’s an up-front deposit, a progress payment, and the final payment.
That’s it.

Ready to move forward? Call us today at 604.857.2272 and let’s start the conversation.

Van Arbour Design: Custom millwork with integrity.

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